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Making Your Book


Pressbooks lets you divide your book into Parts: Front Matter, Main Body, other parts you designate and Back Matter. Inside the Main Body part and any additional parts you create, you can divide your book further, into as many Chapters as you would like. In each chapter, you can control many settings individually.

This post will explain:

  • How to add a chapter
  • How to edit and rename a chapter
  • How to delete a chapter
  • How to add your chapter to a part
  • How to unpublish a chapter or adjust your chapter’s privacy settings
  • How to schedule a chapter to go live in your Web book at a certain time
  • How to adjust your chapter’s export settings
  • How to enable or disable comments on a chapter
  • How to set chapter author and metadata
  • How to rearrange chapters and front matter and back matter

1. How to Add, Delete and Change Chapters

Add Chapters:

  • On the Dashboard, go to Text, then Organize.
  • You can add a Chapter from three places in the interface: the left menu under Text, the top menu or the button underneath each Part of your book.
  • Click Publish to save.

Edit or Rename Chapters:

  • On the Dashboard, go to Text, then Organize.
  • Click on Edit next to the chapter you would like to change.
  • Once in edit mode, you can change the chapter’s title, text, as well as options below.
  • Click Update to save.

Delete a Chapter:

  • On the Dashboard, go to Text, then Organize.
  • Click on Delete next to the chapter you want to delete.
  • You can also delete a chapter in edit mode, by clicking Move to Trash under the Publish menu.
Chapter edit mode in Pressbooks

Chapter edit mode in Pressbooks

2. Chapter Publish Settings

Under the Publish menu on the right, you can edit your chapter’s status and visibility or revert to a prior version.

To change your chapter’s status:

  • Click on Edit next to Status.
  • Designate it Published, Pending Review or Draft.
  • Click OK.

To adjust your chapter’s visibility:

  • Click on Edit next to Visibility.
  • Make your chapter Public, Password Protected or Private.
  • Click OK.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a web privacy setting at the top of the Organize page: if this is set to Private, then your chapters will NEVER be visible to anyone except users to whom you give access.

To schedule your chapter to go live at a later time:

  • Click on Edit next to Publish Immediately.
  • Set a date when you would like your post to go live.
  • Click OK.

NOTE: Your post will only be visible on the web when it goes live if it is published.

To see prior revisions:

  • Click on Browse next to Revisions.
  • On the next screen, scroll through previous revisions using the Previous and Next buttons.
  • On each revision, you will have the option to Restore that version of your chapter.
  • You can also select the checkbox to Compare Any Two Revisions.

3. Chapter Export Settings

You can set export settings at the chapter level.

All chapters will remain in the interface for you to edit whether you include them in your export or not. However, only those you opt to include in exports will be contained in the files you generate from Pressbooks (EPUB, MOBI, PDF etc) . This is useful if you have chapters in progress to add later, or research you want to store in a chapter for organizational purposes.

You can:

  • Choose to omit a chapter from your export by unchecking the Include in Exports box.
  • Indicate whether you’d like the title of this chapter to show in your exported file.
  • Make any chapter the starting point for your ebook by selecting Set as Ebook Start Point.

4. Other Things You Can Do in a Chapter

In chapter edit mode, you can also:

  • Choose whether to allow comments, trackbacks and pings by selecting or deselecting the appropriate checkboxes (NOTE: this option will only appear if you have enabled comments globally on your book. Read more here.)
  • Change the Author to another User who has access to your book.
  • Add Chapter Metadata: Chapter subtitle, Author, or Short Title (used in some PDF exports for the running heads)
  • You can rearrange chapters, front matter or back matter simply by dragging and dropping them. However, you cannot rearrange parts themselves in this way.


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