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Adapt an Existing Open Textbook


Keep a record of all changes and additions

As an author, you retain copyright of all new material you create. This means that even though the new material you create is released under an open license (CC-BY), as the author, you will receive attribution for your contribution.

As you edit and make changes (text and images) and/or add new material, such as a chapter or section within a chapter, please keep a list so these additions/changes,

  • can be included as part of the adapted textbook when it’s posted on open.bccampus.ca
  • can be accurately attributed to you, the author
  • are easily identified by the copy editor and proof reader.

Minor changes, such as fixing grammatical or spelling mistakes, don’t need to be documented.

Copy editing and proof reading

At the end of each unit, your work will be reviewed by a copy editor. It is important that units are submitted on or before the assigned deadlines to allow sufficient time for your work to be reviewed before it is given to the copy editor. If the copy editor has questions, the project manager will contact you.

Once the entire modification and copy editing are completed, your work will be handed over to a proof reader. Suggested changes made by the copy editor and proof reader will be made at the discretion of the project manager.

If you have access to copy editing or proof reading services at your institution and prefer to use these, please discuss this with your project manager.

Content editing

Once a newly modified open textbook is completed, it will be posted on open.bccampus.ca and a call for peer reviews from B.C. post-secondary faculty with expertise in the textbook subject will be released. For more details on what gets reviewed, see our Open Textbook Review Criteria (PDF) and this example of a textbook that has been peer reviewed looks like on our site.


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